Custom Remanufacture

From the beginning, what is cost effective?

  • Do you invest into retrofitting?
  • Do you invest into rebuild?
  • Do you invest into re-manufacturing?

The first question should be: Do you put money into retrofitting, rebuilding, or re-manufacturing, or do you simply discard the equipment and invest in new technology? Below you can explore these options as well as see if a custom design and build would be right for you.

Buy New

Retrofit Upgrade to new CNC technology.

Rebuild– Generally means all mechanical parts are cleaned, inspected and then reassembled using new or remachined components. (Partial mechanical rebuild.)

Remanufacture Generally refers to a retrofit, rebuild, and any design changes that improve the machine’s performance beyond its original specifications. Typically cost 30% – 50% of new equipment with the benefits of the new technology.