Preventative Maintenance


Take control or your machine maintenance!

Avoid costly machine breakdowns!

Managers in this fast paced manufacturing environment are well aware of the benefits of a preventative maintenance program, but do not have the time or resources to properly design and implement it.

JCR Tech provides your company with a state of the art preventive maintenance program, custom designed to fit your unique needs. Our program captures critical data from pre selected menus and presents it in a no nonsense format for easy evaluation. You can quickly review the charts we create and use the information to:

  • Create work orders
  • Schedule long and short term preventive maintenance
  • Schedule machine downtime
  • Forecast future machine purchases

If desired, JCR Tech can also provide the trained service technicians to make evaluations to immediate repairs.

  • Increase Machine Life
  • Reduce Maintenance Headaches
  • Decrease Downtime
  • Increase Profits

Contact a JCR Tech customer representative today to see how easily your preventive maintenance problems can be solved!