Machine Tool Calibration


At JCR Tech we offer a variety of ways to calibrate your machine, from state of art to tried and true. Whatever your needs are, ballbar and laser to granite squares, levels and indicators we can bring the machine geometry back to tolerances. These services can be used in a number of ways. Help bringing parts into tolerance and increasing tool life. Help increasing the life of your machine by reducing wear due to being out of level. Providing the verifiable information required by ISO and other certifications. The equipment available to perform your calibration include the following…

Renishaw QC10 Ballbar System

The ballbar test is used to diagnose geometric errors present in a CNC machine tool. It does this by measuring and detecting inaccuracies caused by the electrical and mechanical axis control and drive system. The results are displayed with definitions and possible causes. Reports are generated and can be formatted for the following standards. ISO 230-4, ASME B5.54 and ASME B5.57

Optodyne Geometry and Linear Positioning Laser

The Optodyne laser provides for measurement of linear, angular, geometric and volumetric values for a machine tool or CMM. It can also provide flatness and rotary table calibration. This system meets TQM, EVA and Mil-Spec 45662 requirements.

Hamar Model L-700/701 Spindle Laser

The Hamar laser system is used to find center positioning from a spindle to tail stock, sub spindle or tool pocket. It is capable of displaying both center and angular measurements and a very precise alignment tool.

Standard Alignment and Leveling

If all that is needed is standard leveling and aligning we have all the tools necessary and the skilled technicians to use them. We maintain and have available granite squares, master precision levels, various indicators and straight edges.

If you are in need of the service or have questions concerning machine calibration please contact JCR Tech.