Total Machine Tool Solutions

With over 35 years experience as a machine tool repair company we have the personnel and resources to offer a wide range of services.

Machine Tool Slide Repair

From a rough casting to the finished slide assembly. Complex multi slide operations, custom applications,or difficult rebuilds with an expedited time frame to meet your production needs. Casted Slide Rebuild or Manufacture ...


Custom Remanufacture From the beginning, what is cost effective? Do you invest into retrofitting? Do you invest into rebuild? Do you invest into re-manufacturing? The first question should be: Do you put ...

Machine Tool Calibration

At JCR Tech we offer a variety of ways to calibrate your machine, from state of art to tried and true. Whatever your needs are, ballbar and laser to granite ...



About JCR Tech, Inc.

With over 30 years of experience as a machine tool service company we offer a wealth of knowledge and resources to guarantee our performance. Our company’s facility adds stability to our contracts with its inventory of tools, machine shop, rigging equipment, and service vans ready to support our customer’s needs. We also have additional floor space utilized for bringing machines in for rebuilding or retrofitting.

Machine troubleshooting and repairs are what we do. Our technicians are trained to respond immediately, find the cause effectively, and resolve it consistently. We understand the principle technologies of machines so we are not limited by a type or name.

If someone built it… WE CAN FIX IT.


CNC Field Service Repair

Preventative Maintenance

Rebuilding & Retrofitting

Evaluations, Inspections & Training

Machine Tool Slide Repair and Scraping